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Instructors make or break the learning experience. Great instructors inspire, challenge, and motivate. Tejas along with a team of other instructors who have all received perfect scores on the ACT and SAT will be the course directors.

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We are the only test preparation company that offers instruction in SAT, PSAT, and ACT all in one class for one affordable price. We have designed a comprehensive curriculum designed to efficiently prepare students for all three tests at once, saving time and money for everyone.

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The environment that Tejas creates is definitely a unique combination of casual interaction and intense preparation. He makes his classes engaging even when explaining the most mundane grammatical rules. Tejas offers numerous resources and tips that are applicable to a wide range of standardized tests. I would definitely say that I was able to significantly improve my performance just through his coaching.

ACT: 36
SAT: 2360

A high-standardized test score is the foundation any student needs to be a competitive candidate when applying to colleges. It sets you apart from the beginning of the process and can open doors to a wide range of opportunities. Attending Tejas’s SAT and ACT classes helped me set myself apart because of my scores. I already had a high score, but taking this class allowed me to achieve the best score possible. During the class, I was able to develop strategies that would work well for me. Also, the endless supply of practice tests ensured that I would obtain a competitive score. Overall, I have gained many skills from Tejas that I will continue to use in the future.

ACT: 36 SAT: 2360

Sanjana M.
Your class truly helped me earn my scores as I was able to learn from a highly motivated teacher and study with my peers who had the same goals of scoring high on the standardized tests.Each intensive practice test, vocab list, and homework assignment helped me tremendously. The mistakes I made were not frowned upon; they were taken as a learning opportunity to make sure the same mistake did not occur on test day. You helped me learn that the amount of knowledge I needed for this test was not the key to scoring high, and you showed me that if I worked smart and persevered through the multitude of practice exams I would be able to earn the scores I wanted. Aside from the intensive practice problems in your class, I was also very lucky to have such a great teacher. Your humor, intelligence, and compassion made it easy to learn from you.

ACT: 35 SAT: 2310

Sudharshan S.
I went to Tejas’s PSAT/SAT class for a semester in 2013. Although there were many tutors available, the reason i chose to learn from Tejas is because he was the only tutor who allowed the students to customize the schedule. At the end of every class, Tejas asked us what we wanted to work on in the next class so he can come prepared with many examples to work through. He not only taught us the knowledge we needed to know to solve the various problems, but also taught us invaluable skills that would help us succeed in the test. Tejas helped me a lot and I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a hard working, dedicated tutor to help his students achieve the highest possible success.

SAT: 2290 ACT: 35

Tejas’s SAT/ACT class really helped me learn and master the test-taking skills and knowledge required to get a great score on both tests. The vocabulary and reading drills Tejas provided and his thorough in-class lessons helped me hone my critical reading and writing skills and reduce the time it took for me to complete sections. I also learned several clever tactics to help me avoid mistakes that could bring my score down. The weekly homework Tejas assigned, including several practice exam sections and drills, served as rigorous reinforcement of all the concepts taught in class, and I was able to prepare for the actual exams very well. Overall, Tejas really pushed me hard to do my absolute best and achieve my goals, and I am really thankful for his guidance.
Anisha S.