The Most Comprehensive SAT Curriculum

SAT  Evidence-Based Reading

  • Basic and Advanced Comprehension Strategies
  • Information and Ideas Analysis:
    • Main Point, Summary, Literal Comprehension
    • Inferences, Analogies, Evidence, Understanding Relationships
    • Words in Context
  • Rhetorical Analysis
    • Analyzing Purpose, Structure
    • Rhetorical Devices
    • Arguments and Point of View
  • Answer Choice Pathology
  • Process of¬†Elimination
  • Introduction to styles of literature (philosophy, art,etc)
  • Vocabulary Analysis (1400+ Words)

SAT Writing and Language

  • Standard English Conventions
    • Subject-Verb Agreement, Verb Tense
    • Pronoun Reference and Agreement
    • Run-ons and Fragments
    • Parallelism, Misplaced Modifiers
    • Improper, Incomplete, and Illogical Comparisons
    • Punctuations
      • Colons, Commas
      • Semicolons, Dashes, Apostrophes
    • Diction and Idiom
  • Expression of Ideas
    • Development
    • Effective Language Use
    • Organization

SAT Mathematics

  • Heart of Algebra
    • Linear Equations, Inequalities in Single and Multiple Variables
    • Linear functions and graphs
    • Connecting Algebraic and Graphical Representations
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
    • Rations, Rates, Percentages
    • Scatterplots, Categorical Data, Frequency
    • Probability
  • Passport to Advanced Math
    • Quadratics, Cubics
    • Polynomials, Radicals, Irrationals
    • Number Theory
  • Additional Topics in Math
    • Trigonometry
    • Complex Numbers
    • Advanced Geometry

Here is a sample of our in-class SAT Reading notes:

Here is a sample of our in-class SAT Writing notes:

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